Rework by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

Rework by Jason Fried & David Heinmeier Hansson

As I have been reading this book I am realizing that this title would be useful to many people. The concepts can transfer to day to day life not just to businesses.

In the book they really stress that having uninterrupted work time is important because just like sleep, it takes a while before you are in the zone, in REM sleep. "Getting into the zone takes time and requires avoiding interruptions. It's like REM sleep: You don't just go directly into REM sleep. You go to sleep first and then make your way to REM. Any interruptions for you to start over. And just as REM is when the real sleep magic happens, the alone zone is where the real productivity magic happens. (Rework pg. 105)"  This idea really is useful to the professional running a business but also to the stay at home parent as well.

I also have compared this idea to another idea from "Touchpoints" the title we have read before in the group. They recommended embracing interruptions. Make them a "touchpoint," part of learning in your day, get something from every interruption, so I thought there was a contradiction. Then I remembered that they also said to designate a certain amount of time each day for no interruptions.

It was a great eye opener to realize that many of the suggestions in the titles we read do correspond. We have noticed this before in our group and this was one of the many I wanted to highlight.

Rework is an easy read with alot to offer any reader!


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If you're interested in these

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