Jane’s Book Series Review – The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne

I just spent last weekend in the charming and thrilling company of the last Druid.  Don’t believe in Druids?  Well neither do I, but what is fiction for, except to exercise the suspension of our belief?

Atticus O’Sullivan is the only surviving Druid.  But he’s not your stereotypical Druid with a long beard and musty velvet robes.  Most of them were stamped out by the Romans, yet he has lived for thousands of years.   As a Druid, Atticus is responsible for watching over and healing the earth.  He has a magic sword which will cut through anything, stolen from the Tuatha Dé Danann, more commonly known as the Fae, and he’s been in hiding from them for years.   He retains the appearance of an Irish lad of 26 and owns a bookstore in Tempe AZ, selling books on magic, the occult and herbs and herb mixtures which actually help his clients.  His faithful companion is an Irish wolfhound named Oberon, who can understand English and responds mentally to Atticus.  Their conversations are one of the most endearing features of these books, as are his conversations with his neighbor, the Widow McDonagh.

Atticus is not the only other-worldly creature in Tempe – there’s an Icelandic vampire who’s got a serious hate-on for Thor and also a group of Polish witches who fled the Nazi invasion.  He’s got a werewolf for his daytime lawyer and the vampire handles all nighttime legal matters.  Add in appearances by Bridghid, Queen of the Fae, Aenghus Og, the Morrigan, Celtic goddess of death and battle, assorted Nordic gods, plus Jesus and the Virgin Mary and you have a heady stew of magic and adventure.

The books in order are:  Hounded, Hexed, Hammered and Tricked.  Coming out in November is Trapped.   Kevin Hearne was influenced at an early age by STAR WARS and is a self-described fan-boy nerd.  He’s had a quite a bit of success and I for one, can’t wait until November when Trapped comes out.  If you have a taste for fantasy and adventure, give Hounded a try.