November 11, 2010 Board Minutes


NOVEMBER 11, 2010

President Deborah Herbert called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.
Board Members Present: James E. Best, Teressa T. Delph, Deborah A. Herbert, Theodore R. Kolman, Lawrence S. Sanders (arrived at 6:07 p.m.) and George H. Sewell
Board Members Absent: Darrell J. Durham (excused)
Director: Ishwar Laxminarayan
Administrators Present: Vicki Baldwin, Jim Delaney, Elaine Piper and Mike Way.
Others Present: Jean Dailey, Administrative Secretary; Joyce Betz; Lorraine Butchart; Jackie Merritt; Mike Ratcliff, Sr.; Kathy Schoening and Donna Smith. Public attendance sign in sheet is attached to official minutes.

Consent Calendar: Moved by Teressa Delph, supported by James Best, that the consent calendar be approved as presented, inclusive of the minutes of the Regular Meeting of October 28, 2010, as well as the Gifts and Donations and Personnel Actions. Motion carried unanimously.

Public Forum: The meeting was opened for public comment. There were no public comments at this time.

Special Announcements/Presentations:
Springport Branch Report. Jackie Merritt, Springport Branch Manager, shared background information on the activities and staff of the Springport Branch. Her presentation featured the Springport Friends of the Library Group’s activities and programs; the Springport Community; Library Patrons; Staff Workshops and Trainings; Upcoming Events and Programs; Successful Programs and Activities held throughout the past year; and Annual Events. She highlighted opening up the branch for Halloween with the Friends donating books to be given out as treats. The board thanked Jackie for her branch update.

Current Bills: Moved by Jim Best, supported by Teressa Delph, to approve the current bills for October, 2010 as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

Financial Reports: Moved by Jim Best, supported by George Sewell, to approve the current financial reports for October, 2010 as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

Committee Reports:
Facilities Committee: In Chairperson Darrell Durham’s absence, Ted Kolman reviewed the minutes from the Facilities Committee meeting of November 10, 2010. Highlighted items included branch updates, need for a new delivery truck, and interior signage. He commended the administration and staff for budgeting that allows for renovation and special projects.
Finance Committee: Deborah Herbert reported on the November 2, 2010 Finance Committee Meeting. The main items of business were review of proposed 2010 budget adjustments and the proposed 2011 budget.
Personnel Committee: Teressa Delph reported that the Personnel Committee had not met since the October board meeting.

Director’s Report and Activities: Ishwar highlighted several items from the Director’s Report that was in the board packet, including the new Reference Room layout, changes at the Henrietta Branch, collaboration with community groups, the excellent response from JAXPO participants and drop in the Jackson Citizen Patriot’s coverage of library events.
Statistics. Ishwar reviewed and explained the revisions in the September statistics which were distributed at the meeting. Further discussion included steps taken (i.e., new hours, Hot Picks, etc.) to address circulation issues; and more in-depth analysis of materials including selection, number of copies, demographics, etc. He noted that the Public Computer Use is up and that Database Usage is steady.

Old Business: Woodlands Library Cooperative: Larry Sanders reported that the Woodlands Library Cooperative Board meeting is next week. Ishwar presented a short update on State Aid and Library of Michigan Rules.
Other: There was no other Old Business.

New Business: 2010 Budget Adjustments: Ishwar reviewed the proposed budget adjustments. These proposed adjustments were reviewed at the November 2, 2010 Finance Committee meeting and the committee recommends their approval. Moved by Jim Best, supported by Ted Kolman, to accept adjustments to the 2010 Budget as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Year End Purchases: Ishwar introduced Mike Ratcliff, JDL Delivery Truck Driver. Mike shared information regarding the delivery schedule and load. The current truck has approximately 227,000 miles on it and needs to have some major repairs.
The Finance Committee reviewed the following proposed year end purchases and recommends board approval:
Moved by George Sewell, supported by Larry Sanders, to accept the recommended quote from Ed Rinke GMC of $35,365.00 to purchase a 2010 model year, 17 foot, Side Door access truck to replace the current Delivery Truck. Motion carried unanimously.
Moved by Jim Best, supported by Teressa Delph, to approve the purchase of Dell computers at a cost of $17,702.98 for the Training Labs. Motion carried unanimously.
Moved by Ted Kolman, supported by Larry Sanders, to accept the recommendation to purchase 243 interior signs from Spry Sign and Graphics for $9,711.60. Motion carried unanimously.
2011 Proposed Budget: The proposed 2010 budget has been reviewed at both the Finance Committee Meeting and the Board Retreat. Ishwar noted that the materials line items will change; however the total materials budget would remain the same. There may also be changes in the Health Insurance costs. The revised numbers will be included in the packet for the December board meeting. The Public Hearing for the proposed budget will be held prior to the regularly scheduled board meeting on Thursday, December 9, 2010.
2011 MLK Diversity Breakfast – Moved by Jim Best, supported by Ted Kolman, to sponsor a Youth Table and purchase two additional tickets for the 2011 MLK Diversity Breakfast on Friday, January 14, 2011. Motion carried unanimously.
Other: Deb Herbert attended a seminar sponsored by the Nonprofit Network on Tuesday, November 9, 2010. She would like to report on this seminar at a future meeting; but, was interested in the Board’s reaction to an idea that was presented at the seminar. Several organizations include the Committee Reports in the Consent Calendar portion of the agenda and she asked if this was something that the board would like to consider changing. After some discussion, the board members agreed to leave the Committee Reports as they currently are on the agenda as a separate item.

Communications: Copies of Communications were included in the board packet.

Public Forum: There were no public comments at this time.

Trustee Comments: Deborah Herbert commented that it was great to have Jim Best back after his recent illness.

Moved by Larry Sanders, supported by George Sewell, that the meeting be adjourned at 7:30 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
James E. Best

(Jean Dailey, Recorder)