September 11, 2008 Library Board Minutes


SEPTEMBER 11, 2008




President Deborah Herbert called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.



Board Members Present: James E. Best, Teressa T. Delph, Deborah A. Herbert, Theodore R. Kolman, Lawrence S. Sanders (arrived 6:02 p.m.), George H. Sewell

Board Members Absent:     Darrell J. Durham (excused)

Director:  Ishwar Laxminarayan

Administrators Present:  Vicki Baldwin, Jim Delaney, Mike Way, Elaine Piper

Others Present:  Jean Dailey, Administrative Secretary.  Jackie Merritt, Chris Sandler, and Craig Trudell were present as well.  (Public attendance sign sheet attached to official minutes.)


Consent Calendar:  Moved by George Sewell, supported by Ted Kolman, that the consent calendar be approved as presented, inclusive of the Gifts and Donations and Personnel Actions.  George Sewell commented about the gift of the DVD Cleaning Equipment stating that he thought we already had this equipment.  Jim Delaney responded that the current equipment was five years old, which is the “life” of this product. Motion carried unanimously. 


Public Forum:  The meeting was opened for public comment.  There were no comments at this time. 


Current Bills:  Moved by George Sewell, supported by Jim Best, that the Board approve the current unaudited bills for July 2008. Question raised by Deborah Herbert about the amount for the Building Additions/Improvement line.  Vicki will look into this matter.  Motion carried. 


Financial Reports: Moved by Jim Best, supported by Teressa Delph, that the Board approve the unaudited financial reports for July 2008.  Questions were offered and answered regarding property taxes; ordering of books, periodicals and audio visuals materials; penal fines; refunds and interest earned. Motion carried.


Committee Reports:

Facilities Committee: Larry Sanders reported that the Facilities Committee had met at 4:30 p.m. today, prior to the Board Meeting.  Topics on the agenda were a recommendation that the Board contract with Morris Mechanical Contracting, Inc. for tube replacement for the Administration Building Boiler; the approval by the D.D.A. and City of Jackson for funds for the Carnegie Handicap Access Ramp project; and updates on the cleaning staff.


Finance Committee:  James Best reported that the Finance Committee had not met since the last Board meeting. The next Finance Committee meeting is scheduled for September 18, 2008 at 2:00 p.m.


Personnel Committee:  Teressa Delph reported that the Personnel Committee had not met since the last Board meeting. The next Personnel Committee meeting is scheduled for September 25, 2008 at 4:00 p.m.


Director’s Report and Activities:  Ishwar reported that after the previous Board meeting, the request for a millage proposal to be placed on the ballot for the November General Election was submitted to the Jackson County Clerk’s office. 


Ishwar received a call from Grass Lake Township regarding the LDFA.  Because of a legality with their original documentation having the wrong date, the Enterprise Group declared it null and void and consequently the JDL Board resolution is also null and void.  We have sixty days from August 12th to resubmit our resolution to opt out of the LDFA.  This issue will be discussed at the Finance Committee.


Computer usage statistics are moving up again and we are also ahead on circulation compared to last year at this time.


Jackie Merritt was present to speak about the Springport Branch.  Springport is a small rural area and has a very active development group (SAGA). The Library is an important part of the community and she represents JDL at a number of meetings, events, school activities, Open Houses, etc.  They participate in the Summer Reading program for both children and adults.  This fall they will participate in Michigan Reads, One State, One Choice (Raccoon Tune by Nancy Shaw) and will be starting a book discussion group. This summer, Jackie participated in the “Wizard of Oz” event at the Carnegie branch and attended a video conference on Customer Service in Battle Creek.  She is planning to go to the MLA conference for one day in Kalamazoo.  Jackie thanked the board for implementing the out-of-county student cards.  Over eighty students have received the student out-of-county cards at Springport.  The Springport Signal, which is a weekly newspaper, has been publishing pictures and comments featuring library patrons in “What We’re Reading” which is usually on the front page each week.  In addition, Jackie does a column every week about the Library, featuring events, new books, programs and reminders. Jackie also shared with the Board information on Picturing America. The Springport Branch was selected for this program which involves a collection of twenty posters featuring art work and an accompanying book with information on each piece as well as suggestions for using the collection.  There will be a Head Start program starting in Springport this fall and the Library will be working with this program on their literacy component. This summer a local artist designed a mosaic portraying places and activities in the Springport area.  The FFA summer program students helped apply the glass tile pieces and the mosaic is now attached to an outside wall of the hardware store visible to people entering the community from the east.  The library is represented in one corner of the mosaic with a lady reading to children.


Old Business:  Fines and Fees Schedule: A proposed Fines and Fees Schedule was included in the board packet.  Elaine Piper presented this to the Board and explained about the proposed fee for an expired hold.  After much discussion and questions, it was decided to defer this discussion to the next meeting.  Ishwar will take this proposal back to the staff for clarification and re-evaluation of the process.


Other:  Jean Dailey mentioned that she had received the tickets for the NAACP Annual Banquet and that there were three more places available at the table.  If no other board members are able to attend, these tickets will be made available to staff.


No other old business was reported.




New Business:   2008 Tax Rate Request:  Each year the Library has to request the voted millage from the County Board of Commissioners.  It will be the same rate as 2007.  Motion by Teressa Delph, support by Ted Kolman, that the 2008 Tax Rate Request be approved as submitted to the Jackson County Board of Commissioners.  Motion passed unanimously.


JCP Article:  Ishwar Laxminarayan’s Column:  Enlarged copies of this article have been posted in many of the branches and has led to some questions from patrons.  The Board also discussed any reactions to this article that they are aware of.  Ishwar mentioned that information postcards and rack cards are available at the branches to help answer questions that patrons may have.


Rosebud Governance Committee:  Larry Sanders reported that the committee met and discussed an upgrade and possible changes to the way the funds will be allocated.  Ishwar explained that this is a collaboration between JDL and JCC.  The system will be upgraded to SirsiDynix Symphony in March 2009 and SirsiDynix will host the hardware and data for us.  They will also take care of the maintenance. This will have cost advantages for JDL.  The funds will be reallocated from the Rosebud upgrade fund to the Rosebud maintenance fund.


Woodlands Library Cooperative:  Larry Sanders reported that the Woodlands Library Cooperative meeting will be next week.


Upcoming Election Events Calendar:  Calendar sheets were distributed at the beginning of the meeting listing events and meetings such as Township and School Board meetings, as well as Open Houses, PTA/PTO meetings and other events.  If anyone would like to attend any of these events to give out information regarding the library, please let Jean Dailey know.  There will be three community forums with one at Napoleon on September 23rd and two at the Carnegie branch.


Other: Boiler Tube Replacement:  Moved by Larry Sanders, support by George Sewell, that per the recommendation of the Facilities Committee, the Board accept the low bid from Morris Mechanical Contracting, Inc. of $10,200.00 for tube replacement for the Administration Building Boiler.  Mike Way explained that the Administration Building Boiler had sprung leaks and determined that it would be more cost effective to re-tube the boiler instead of replacing it or patching the leaking tubes.  Bids were received from Paul Bengel Company, Kalamazoo Boiler Company and Morris Mechanical.  Motion passed unanimously.


No other new business.


Communications:  Deborah Herbert stated that several communications were included in the packet.  Ishwar highlighted some articles that have appeared recently in the Jackson Citizen Patriot, including the editorial with the A grade for completion of the wireless internet access at all branches about 18 months ahead of scheduled, the Can Food Sculpture photo and article, the Re-employment Workshops, the Data Network grant from the United Way, Computer classes, seminar on the move to Digital TV in partnership with Radio Shack and a program on Green Homes.


Public Forum:  The meeting was opened for public comment.  Larry Sanders made note of the fact that this was September 11th and asked everyone to remember the events of September 11, 2001.



Moved by Lawrence Sanders, supported by George Sewell, that the meeting be adjourned at 7:14 p.m.  Motion carried unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,



James E. Best