July 22, 2010 Board Minutes


JULY 22, 2010

President Deborah Herbert called the meeting to order at 6:07 p.m.
Board Members Present: James E. Best, Teressa T. Delph, Deborah A. Herbert, Lawrence S. Sanders, and George H. Sewell
Board Members Absent: Darrell J. Durham (excused), Theodore R. Kolman (excused)
Director: Ishwar Laxminarayan
Administrators Present: Vicki Baldwin, Elaine Piper
Others Present: Jean Dailey, Administrative Secretary; Joyce Betz; Lorraine Butchart; Kyle Feldscher; and Nicole Gilbert. Public attendance sign in sheet is attached to official minutes.

Consent Calendar: Moved by George Sewell, supported by James Best, that the consent calendar be approved as presented, inclusive of the minutes of the Regular Meeting of June 21, 2010, as well as the Gifts and Donations and Personnel Actions. Motion carried unanimously.

Public Forum: The meeting was opened for public comment. There were no comments at this time.

Special Announcements/Presentations:
Staff Development and Training. JDL Training Coordinator, Joyce Betz, updated the Board on the staff development and training programs offered. She has taught classes for the past ten years and notes that the computer classes are still in high demand by the general public and staff. In addition to the computer classes taught on site at the library branches, she also conducts classes at the Jackson County Department on Aging, Word of Light Center and has had one at Goodwill Industries. For the past few months (since the Carnegie Lower Level renovation project started), she has been using the mobile computer lab for all classes.
Staff development opportunities include conferences, new employee orientations, branch tours and staff development day. Recently a number of employees attended a workshop on “Words that Work” led by Valerie Gross. Joyce reported that the attendees were very impressed with the concept/ presentation of this workshop and she would like to offer it to the entire staff. Ishwar commented that JDL is fortunate to have Joyce on staff and that her expertise is sought out by other members of the Woodlands Library Cooperative.

Current Bills: Moved by Teressa Delph, supported by James Best, to approve the current bills for June, 2010 as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

Financial Reports: Moved by George Sewell, supported by James Best, to approve the current financial reports for June, 2010 as presented. There was a question regarding the Data Lines and Ishwar announced that we had received our first installment of State Aid. In addition, we received a check for penal fines yesterday. Motion carried unanimously.

Committee Reports:
Facilities Committee: The Facilities Committee has not met since the last board meeting. Ishwar announced that the replacement of the Eastern Branch roof is complete.
Finance Committee: Jim Best reviewed the minutes of the Finance Committee’s meeting on July 14, 2010. Highlighted topics included the Augustine Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney’s presentation, JDL investments, proposed Family Friendly Hours and review of the financials. The next Finance Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 2:00 p.m.
Personnel Committee: Teressa Delph reviewed the minutes of both the June 21, 2010 and July 13, 2010 Personnel Committee meetings. The next Personnel Committee meeting is tentatively scheduled for August 19, 2010 at 4:30 p.m.

Director’s Report and Activities: Ishwar highlighted several items from the Director’s Report that was in the board packet including the 2nd “Rock the Shelves” event hosted at Napoleon. Nicole Gilbert, Napoleon Branch Manager was present and she reported that there was a great turnout with approximately 100 people in attendance. This was a great family event with the Napoleon Friends Group donating the money for pizza, pop and snacks. They had three bands, all of whom volunteer their services. Nicole plays “Library Trivia” during the band “changeovers” and gives small prizes for correct answers. The next “Rock the Shelves” is scheduled for Friday, August 27, 2010. Marketing for these events is primarily through social media (My Space, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) plus flyers are distributed around Napoleon and given to the bands for distribution among their fans, family and friends.
Ishwar also highlighted the Pirate Party scheduled as part of the Summer Reading Program to be held Friday at the Carnegie Branch from 6:30 – 9:00 p.m.; the article in the Jackson Citizen Patriot (on the front page) featuring the Henrietta Branch garden; and informed the board that the new projectors and computers have arrived.
Statistics. The June Circulation, Data Base Usage and Public Computer Usage statistics were reviewed and discussed.

Old Business: Woodlands Library Cooperative: Larry Sanders reported that there is a Tax Abatement Workshop scheduled for September 28, 2010 that some of the members might want to attend. Ishwar will provide more information on this workshop and Board Members are asked to inform Jean if they would like to attend. Ishwar also announced that Jim Seidl from Woodlands would like to make a presentation at the next Board Retreat.
Fines and Fees Schedule Revision: The board received and reviewed information about the proposed revisions for the Fines and Fees Schedule. New additions include Blu-Ray discs, Hot Picks collection and Fax Services (sending only). Items to be removed from the schedule include videos, slide projector and screen. In addition, Flash drives have increased to $10.00 each to cover JDL’s cost. Moved by Jim Best, supported by Teressa Delph, to approve the proposed Fines and Fees Schedule to take effect August 2, 2010. Motion carried unanimously.
Other: There was no other Old Business.

New Business: Family Friendly Hours for Branches: Ishwar reported on the process used to develop the proposed new branch hours. There will be no impact on the bottom line in the 2010 budget and the annual cost will be factored into the appropriate line items in the 2011 budget. Hours for each branch were reviewed and these feature Sunday hours at Eastern and Meijer branches, as well as increased Saturday and evening hours at the other branches. Napoleon is the only branch without Saturday hours due to location within the township office building. Moved by George Sewell, supported by Larry Sanders, to adopt the proposed Family Friendly Hours for JDL Branches effective September 7, 2010. Motion carried unanimously.
Woodlands Library Cooperative Governing Board: Jim Seidl notified Ishwar that Larry Sanders’ term on the Woodlands Library Cooperative Governing Board expires September 30, 2010. Moved by George Sewell, supported by James Best, to reappoint Lawrence Sanders for another term on the Woodlands Library Cooperative Governing Board starting October 1, 2010 thru September 30, 2013. Motion carried unanimously.
Board Retreat Dates: There was discussion regarding the scheduling of the Board Retreat for September. Informational and discussion items for the retreat will include a presentation by Jim Seidl, budgeting and statistics. It was agreed that the retreat would be held on Saturday, September 25, 2010 from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet. Moved by George Sewell, supported by Jim Best, to approve the purchase of a ¼ page ad for the Program Booklet and two tickets for the Jackson County Branch NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet scheduled for October 10, 2010. Motion carried unanimously.
Other: There was no other New Business.

Communications: Copies of Communications were included in the board packet.

Public Forum: The meeting was opened for public comment. Lorraine Butchart presented two copies of Jim Best’s book for his signature and reported that these will be part of the library’s collection.
Vicki and Lorraine reported on the JDL team’s plans for the annual Relay for Life event, August 6-7, 2010 at the Cascades. Everyone is invited to come and participate.

Trustee Comments: Teressa Delph mentioned that she enjoyed Jewell Parker Rhodes’ thank you note that was included in the Communications section.

Moved by Larry Sanders, supported by George Sewell, that the meeting be adjourned at 7:10 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

James E. Best

(Jean Dailey, Recorder)