May 26, 2011 Library Board Minutes


MAY 26, 2011

President Deborah Herbert called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Board Members Present: James E. Best, Teressa T. Delph, Darrell J. Durham, Deborah A. Herbert, Lawrence S. Sanders and George H. Sewell
Board Members Absent: Theodore R. Kolman (excused);
Director: Ishwar Laxminarayan.
Administrators Present: Vicki Baldwin, Jim Delaney, Elaine Piper
Others Present: Jean Dailey, Administrative Secretary; Lorraine Butchart, Fran Champney, Dianne Cogan, Pamela Fatchett, Sue Herrington, Rickie Hoover, Scott McLane, Baylee Pullian, Cris Reed, Chris Sadler, Donna Smith, and Sue Weible. Public attendance sign in sheet attached to official minutes.

Consent Calendar: Moved by Teressa Delph, supported by Darrell Durham, that the consent calendar be approved as presented, inclusive of the minutes of the Regular Meeting of April 28, 2011, as well as the Gifts and Donations and Personnel Actions (none). Motion carried unanimously.

Public Forum: The meeting was opened for public comment. President Herbert reviewed the guidelines for public comments including the statement of name and time limits as printed on the meeting agenda. She opened the public forum with the following statement: “We want to clarify the matter of the Service Delivery Task Force and a lot of talk that has been going around especially since the article in the Citizen Pat last Sunday. This report was done by an outstanding group of employees, it was for informational purposes only and I know I speak for the Board when I thank the Task Force for all their hard work; however, these were some employee recommendations. The Board has absolutely no plans at this time to close any branches. Instead, what we are going to do is work very excitedly on a lot of the great service enhancements that were also included in this report. And that is our focus. So again, thank you to that group of employees and I hope that clears the air.”

Cris Reed, President of the Henrietta Branch Friends expressed their concerns regarding the possible closure of the Henrietta Branch. She thanked Deb Herbert for the clarification; however wanted the board to understand the importance of the branch to the remote Henrietta community as it provides services to all ages and meets the JDL’s mission statement to Inspire the community to discover, learn and succeed. She feels that the closure of this branch would leave a terrible void in the community.

Fran Champney, representing the Parma Friends, stated that she and other Parma residents in attendance had the same sentiments for the Parma Branch as Ms. Reed had expressed for Henrietta. They feel that closure of the Parma Branch would be a significant loss to the community and completely unnecessary.

Special Announcements/Presentations: Chris Sadler presented information regarding the Hanover Branch. He thanked the board for the opportunity to highlight his branch again having also presented in 2009. During his presentation, Chris highlighted the staff and their background; the importance of the library to the Hanover community as the epicenter for Education, Information and Entertainment as well as a community gathering place with a focus on teens and children; the Accelerated Readers Program; and programming including the Halloween Party, Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Reading Program and face painting. In addition, he participates in community events and serves as Vice President of the PTA for Hanover-Horton Schools. Chris presented the branch’s Customer Service Philosophy and plans and goals for 2011. The board thanked Chris for the great presentation and the work he and his staff do in serving the Hanover community.

Current Bills: Moved by George Sewell, supported by James Best, to approve the current bills for April 2011 as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

Financial Reports: Ishwar and Vicki Baldwin answered questions regarding the Word Wise Income, Property Tax Refunds, and Retiree Health Care line items. Moved by Jim Best, supported by Larry Sanders, to approve the current financial reports for April, 2011 as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

Presentation of 2010 Audit: President Herbert asked Scott McLane, Markowski and Company, to present the 2010 Audit report at this time. Scott reviewed the audit letters and financial statements. He complimented the Board and administration for their financial management this past year and expressed appreciation for implementing internal controls and safeguards as suggested in the previous years’ reports. The board thanked Scott for his report as well as Vicki and Sue for their hard work.

Committee Reports:
Facilities Committee: Darrell Durham reported on the Facilities Committee meeting held on May 19, 2011 at the Eastern Branch. Items discussed included the Parapet Wall at the Administration Building, air conditioning at Carnegie Branch in the 700’s Room and Reference, possible renovation of the lower lobby area at the Carnegie Branch and Mike Way’s recommendation on the Natural Gas supplier. Minutes were included in the board packet. The next scheduled meeting of the Facilities Committee for June 2, 2011 will be canceled.

Finance Committee: James Best reported on and reviewed the minutes of the May 17, 2011 Finance Committee meeting which included a presentation on property tax revenues forecast by Juli Kolbe and Adam Brown with Jackson County; a presentation on investment opportunities by Monica Mosher and Carlene Walz Lefere from the Jackson Community Foundation; the preliminary presentation of the 2010 Audit by Scott McLane, Markowski and Company; and review of the April 2011 financials. The next Finance Committee meeting is scheduled for June 21, 2011.

Personnel Committee: Teressa Delph reviewed the Personnel Committee minutes from the April 28th and May 19th meetings. Minutes of the meetings are on file in the Board packet.

Director’s Report and Activities: Ishwar highlighted items from the his report that included Word Wise; comments about the makeover of the 700’s Room, Main Restroom and Magazine Room at Carnegie; VITA; Civil War program; Meijer Branch Booksale; Café Series at Parma Branch; and activities at both Grass Lake and Napoleon branches. Elaine Piper shared impressions on Word Wise including the good turnout of people for Sara Paretski’s presentations and the workshops. We received a very complimentary email from one of the workshop presenters. Darrell Durham was very impressed with the event. Ishwar noted that the committee is considering moving Word Wise back to the original October timeframe.

Statistics April 2011: Circulation statistics continue to increase across all formats. Ishwar noted that this April was the highest in the past five years. The packet includes a new report that shows circulation year to date for each of the past five years. He is very encouraged by the sustained usage. There was general discussion regarding the circulation, computer and database statistics.

Old Business:
Woodlands Library Cooperative: Larry Sanders reported that Woodlands is going to be conducting a Web Seminar Training Program for Trustees. He suggested that the Board consider participating in this program. Ishwar indicated that it could be hosted in the Auditorium. We will be receiving more information regarding the dates and times this will be offered.

Staff Development Day: Joyce Betz reported that Staff Development Day will be held at Baker College on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 from 9:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Branches will be able to open at 3:00 p.m. that day. Part of the day will be spent reviewing and demonstrating Technology gadgets while allowing for some hands on training.

Community Link Foundation: Deborah Herbert reported that she, Jim Best and Ted Kolman had met with representatives from the United Way Board and staff to discuss participation in the Community Link Foundation. They have decided that we’re not interested in participating with this program at the current time; however the United Way will continue with the initiative.

Other: There was no other old business.

New Business:
Public Services Administrator Position: The Public Services Administrator, Elaine Piper, has announced her retirement effective June 30, 2011. The Director requests the Board’s approval of the revised position description for this position and to begin the recruitment process to fill this position at the earliest. Moved by James Best, support by Teressa Delph, to approve the revised position description of the Public Services Administrator and to authorize the Director to begin the recruitment to fill this position. Motion carried unanimously.

Central Library Services Coordinator III Position: JDL has developed the new Central Library Services Coordinator III position and Job Description. Moved by Darrell Durham, supported by James Best, to approve the position description of the Central library Services Coordinator III and to authorize the Director to begin the recruitment to fill this position. Motion carried unanimously.

Marketing Assistant Position: JDL has developed the new Marketing Assistant position and Job Description. Moved by Teressa Delph, supported by Darrell Durham, to approve the position description of the Marketing Assistant and to authorize the Director to begin the recruitment to fill this position. Motion carried unanimously.

2010 Audit Report: Moved by James Best, supported by Larry Sanders, that the completed audit of the 2010 Financial Statements be approved as presented by Scott McLane, Markowski and Company. Motion carried unanimously.

Administration Building Parapet Wall: Darrell Durham reviewed the situation with the Parapet Wall at the Administration Building. On the recommendation of the Facilities Committee, it was moved by Larry Sanders, supported by George Sewell, to accept the bid from Cunningham Construction in the amount of $24,880.00 for the repair of 40 feet of the parapet wall sections on the north and west side of the Administration building and tuck pointing as needed. Motion carried unanimously.

Purchasing Policy: Moved by Jim Best, supported by Teressa Delph, to approve the addition of item number ten to the Purchasing Policy which reads: “10. Any party selling property originally procured by, or donated to, the Library shall present the proceeds of any such sale to the Library within 6 months of its accrual, as cash or as other property procured with the agreement of that Library’s manager; furthermore, that a current and public record of such sales accruals shall be maintained.” Motion carried unanimously.

Other: There was no other new business.

Communications: Communications were included in the packet.

Public Forum: The meeting was opened for public comment. There were no comments at this time.

Trustee Comments: Darrell Durham emphasized that priority be given to the state of the Administration Building to keep it a safe working environment.

Moved by Larry Sanders, supported by Darrell Durham, that the meeting be adjourned at 6:55 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
James E. Best
(Jean Dailey, Recorder)