February 28, 2008


FEBRUARY 28, 2008




President Deborah Herbert called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.



Board Members Present:  James E. Best, Teressa T. Delph, Darrell J. Durham, Deborah A. Herbert, Theodore R. Kolman, Lawrence S. Sanders (6:05 pm), George H. Sewell

Board Members Absent: 

Director:  Ishwar Laxminarayan

Administrators Present:  Vicki Baldwin, Jim Delaney, Elaine Piper, Mike Way

Others Present:  Donna Smith, Administrative Secretary.  Public attendance sign sheet attached to official minutes.  Amy Sayles, Lorraine Butchart, Jill Mason, Kimberly Gage, and Jeff Reichel, Dana Defever-Jackson Citizen Patriot Intern and Jim Seidl, Woodlands Library Cooperative Director were present as well.


Consent Calendar:  Moved by Teressa Delph, supported by James Best, that the consent calendar be approved as presented, inclusive of the minutes of the Annual Meeting and the Regular Meeting of January 24, 2008, as well as the Gifts and Donations and Personnel Actions.  Motion carried unanimously.


Public Forum:  The meeting was opened for public comment.  Jim Delaney introduced Kim Gage, Brooklyn Branch Manager, since mid-November.  He also introduced Jeff Reichel, Napoleon Branch Manager, since January 1, 2008.


Current Bills:  At the director’s request, the current bills were deferred to the March 13 meeting.


Financial Reports: At the director’s request, the financial reports were deferred to the March 13 meeting due to adjustments to be made between January and February 2008.


Committee Reports:  Facilities Committee:  Darrell Durham reported that the Facilities Committee has not met since the last Board meeting.  The next Facilities Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 6, 2008 at 3:30 pm.


Finance Committee:  James Best reported that the Finance Committee did not meet in February.  The next Finance Committee meeting will be Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at 1:00 pm.


Personnel Committee:  Teressa Delph reported that the Personnel Committee did not meet in February.  The January minutes are on file in the packet.  The next meeting is March 27, 2008 at 4:30 p.m.


Director’s Report and Activities:  Ishwar indicated that approximately 200 people attended the Bern Nadette Stanis program that we had to relocate to the church.  The Big Read kickoff is on Saturday at the Armory Arts with Congressman Walberg giving the introductory remarks.  Elaine is working of firming up details for Word Wise with Elizabeth Berg, May 16 and 17.


Amy Sayles added that advertising on radio, JTV, and in the newspaper for the Big Read has begun.  Amy passed out some event calendar brochures. Ishwar added that an editorial and feature article was published in the Jackson Citizen Patriot. 


Ishwar stated that, thanks to Donna Smith, we have secured an author for our May 2009 Word Wise.  Donna added that the author is Diana Gabaldon, New York Times Best Seller for her Outlander series, which is a historical sci-fi (time travel) adventure-romance story, and she also won the Quill Award in 2006.  She lives with her family in Scottsdale, Arizona and has three science degrees and a Ph.D.   Donna established contact with her at the Fergus, Ontario Scottish Highland Festival.


Ishwar explained the attachment to the Circulation statistics that shows what type of material goes into each category forming the statistical report. Elaine Piper added that the circulation at Henrietta increased 50% due to the fact that the Capital Area District Library now charges a fee to Jackson County borrowers using its Stockbridge branch. 


Jill Mason, Summit Branch Manager, presented highlights of her branch to the Board.  Jill became branch manager in July of 2007 with two LA1’s and one page.  Her patrons are very dedicated and really like the accessibility of the branch.  The branch hosts a number of programs throughout the year, a new book discussion group, etc.  The last Friends book sale brought in $720.00, which aids the Friends in making some nice purchases for the branch.  Summit recently received a new roof and skylights.  In 2006, the staff restroom was removed.  The branch is running out of space and is looking to remove the stage at the branch in order to make room for more materials and programs.


Old Business:  State Aid Models – Jim Seidl, Woodlands Library Cooperative Director, reported on the proposed state aid models.  He stated that the State Aid to Public Libraries Act 89 is 30 years old and needs to be revised.  The current state aid guidelines that are also 30 years old are coming up for revision.  The State Librarian, Nancy Robertson, after meeting with libraries around the state, issued a new proposed model giving the libraries and cooperatives an opportunity to propose revisions to the model that will best benefit both libraries and cooperatives.  Support documents were distributed to the Board.


Big Read: This was reported on under the Director’s Activities.


Poetry Contest:  Donna Smith reported that we have received 657 poetry entries this year.  The judges have reviewed the poems and have chosen 50 winners.  There are 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners for each grade plus a runner up for each grade.  Ties for 1st place and honorable mention in two grades support the number of winners. Letters have been sent to the winners and the schools.  The poems will be prepared for the printing of the booklet next week. The awards ceremony will be held on April 28 during National Poetry Month.


Other:  Jim Delaney stated that the Teressa Delph Oratorical Contest will be held on Saturday March 1 at Jackson Crossing near the Target area.  Ishwar added that the Big Read kick-off will follow at 4 pm at Armory Arts Village.


New Business:   Family & Medical Leave (FMLA) Policy Amendments:  Jim Delaney explained that the FMLA was amended on January 28, 2008 to provide leave to employees with family members serving in the Armed Forces. The Library has revised our policy in accordance with the statutory changes.  Moved by James Best, supported by Lawrence Sanders, that the Board adopt the revision of the FMLA pursuant to the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act and the changes required therein.  Motion carried unanimously.


Elizabeth D. Sergeant Estate Trust:  Vicki Baldwin stated that the Library has received a partial distribution of $50,000 from the Elizabeth D. Sergeant Estate Trust.  While the original donation was not designated for a specific purpose, it is recommended to the Board that this donation be placed into a specially designated fund for the historic restoration and preservation of the Carnegie Library.  Moved by Darrell Durham, supported by James Best, that the Board authorizes the library administration to deposit the $50,000 donation from the Elizabeth D Sergeant Estate Trust, along with any other distributions received from this trust, into the Nancy Cross Memorial Fund.  Motion carried unanimously.


Susan B Anthony Award Celebration:   The Board approved the purchase of a maximum of eight tickets to attend this function.  Reservations must be called in by March 2. 


Economic Development Plan for Jackson County:  Ishwar stated that the information distributed in the Board packet is an FYI from the Economic Development Group.  The library will be adding a paragraph to this information piece stating what the library’s role in economic development is.


Woodlands Library Cooperative:  Lawrence Sanders stated that Jim Seidl had already reported in his presentation to the Board earlier. 


Other: George Sewell asked if the Smart Zone qualifies as a new entity as far as tax captures are concerned.  Deborah Herbert explained that it is being formed within an established LDFA, the library will not have the option to opt out.


Communications:  Two updated documents were provided for the Trustees information.  These documents are the JDL Board of Trustees Contact List and the JDL Board 2008 Committee Appointments.


Public Forum:  The meeting was opened for public comment.  There were no comments at this time.


Moved by Lawrence Sanders, supported by Darrell Durham, that the meeting be adjourned at 7:12 p.m.  Motion carried unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,



James E. Best