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Teressa Delph

Tribute to JDL Trustee Teressa Delph

Teressa T. Delph, longtime JDL Board Member, passed away last week after a brief battle with cancer. Teressa was a member of the Library Board for twenty years having been appointed by the City of Jackson in June 1994. During her tenure, she has served as President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer. Currently, she was serving…

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A variety of Summer Coolers from the program.

5 Healthy Towns — Summer Coolers

It’s recipe recap time from the latest 5 Healthy Towns program in Grass Lake. July brought Brad West again, this time with a rainbow of breezy summer drinks for all to enjoy. Try your hand at some of them below. The next 5HT program features Brad again, in the ‘Return of the Salsa King’, teaching…

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