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        The number one not-to-be-missed family movie this Christmas has to be

Book Review - the Bookman Series

If you love books or collect them, you'll find the Bookman series by John Dunning fascinating and very entertaining.  They are mysteries, starring Cliff Janeway, cop turned bookman and bookshop owner.  A bookman is a person who engages in buying and selling books or a person who loves books; a collector.  There are five books in the series, all at JDL.  John Dunning has been a bookscout (a person who looks for old books,) worked at race tracks all over the west, been a copyboy, investigative reporter, journalism/writing professor, radio host, political press secretary an

New Brit Mysteries

We have some new British mysteries just in.  Midsomer Murders Set 11 (can you believe it!) has just arrived, as has The Last Detective Set 4 and Foyle's War, Set 1 & 2Midsomer Murders is the hugely popular seri

JDL is now on Twitter!

Twitter is a social networking device that connects friends, family, co-workers and community members via the web or mobile phone.  Twitter is used to update one another in 140 characters or less with the answer to one of life’s persistent questions—“What Are You Doing?” 

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