Book Review- House Rules, Jodi Picoult

House Rules by Jodi Picoult

I have read several Jodi Picoult books in the last few months.  I have found that she always has an unexpected twist at the end.   Now either I am getting good at solving mysteries, or she didn’t do as good a job of hiding things (I prefer to think that I am getting better at sleuthing) .  Don’t get me wrong, I liked the book, but I figured out how it was going to end about half way through the book. 

Road to Valor - by Aili and Andres Mc Connon

I was watching the Tour de France this morning and had to mention an audiobook  I  was fortunate to listen to and wanted to let you know about it.

With all of that is going on right now with this famous race, you must read this inspiring story about  Gino  Bartali and his famous feat as a cyclist and how he along with many others saved the lives of countless Jews during WW11.

His Tour De France feats are amazing in and of themselves, but what he accomplished during the war is even more amazing.

Jdl has this available in audio book format. 

Tessa's Christian Book Recommendation: The Witch Doctor's Wife by Tamar Myers

    With reluctance, I picked up Tamar Myers' The Witch Doctor's Wife to give her writing a second chance. The first in a four book series based in 1950's Belgian Congo, I was pleasantly surprised right away by the differences between this book and Myers' silly Pennsylvania Dutch series.

Come and Join Us for a Summer Online Book Discussion!

We have chosen Lost on Planet China by J. Maarten Troost as our first summer read. Copies of the title can be picked up at the Carnegie Reference Desk or we can send it to your nearby branch for pick up, just call 788-4087 and ask for Reference to request the copy to be sent.

Tessa's New Book Review: Red Moon by Benjamin Percy

    The book Red Moon is receiving lots of acclaim as a "deeply layered" literary thriller. For me, it was a frustrating, vague read that ended flat, without an identifiable denouement.

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