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Fans of British TV & Films - we have an amazing selection of DVD's to rent. From Benny Hill to Shakespeare, you can request these right from our catalog and have them sent to your favorite Branch. A partial list follows:

Memorial Day Library Picks

Jackson District Library

Library Picks

For May 27, 2007

By Jill Marie Mason

Since it is Memorial Day weekend, let’s take the opportunity to look at some library titles related to U.S. Military Service--in remembrance of all the men and women who have lost their lives while fighting for our country.

Microsoft Word Hints - Symbols Not on the Keyboard

If you ever want to create a character in a word document there are a couple of ways you can do that.  In some MS Word programs if you type dash –, colon, left parenses)  it will automatically “correct”  to make a  simple smiley face

NASCAR and Golf Library Picks

Library Picks

For April 29th, 2007

By Jill Marie Mason

This week’s library picks are for dudes, dads, and anyone else who likes NASCAR and golf (let’s not leave out the dudettes.) Anyway, its time to dust off those clubs and hit the green. If that’s a little too slow for your taste, get out the binoculars and head to the track, or turn on your TV and watch some NASCAR (whaaa???, couching it or sitting in the stands takes less energy than golfing.)

Mother's Day Library Picks

Library Picks

For May 13, 2007

By Jill Marie Mason

Mothers, open your eyes and ears. These are library picks for Moms. Happy Mother’s Day!! To celebrate, let’s look at some titles that begin with the word MOM.

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