Magician wows Summit!!!

Jason Abbott, whose motto is "magic:  funny side up!", recently performed at Summit as part of the Summer Reading Program.

It was CRAZY fun!!

And what magic act is complete without a rabbit?

Using the New JDL Webpages- Part V- The Online Catalog; Creating Lists.

Have you ever wanted to keep track of what books in a series you have read, or still want to read, or wish you had a list of all of the books you used as resources, for a particular report or paper?

You can create lists right in your record at the Jackson District Library online catalog.

First find the books you want in the online catalog (see Using the New JDL Webpages Part I searching the catalog.)

Summerthings at Eastern Branch

July 2, 2007

We have some great summer programs for those of you who haven't checked us out on the events link at the top of the web page.  We have lots of summer movies for teens and younger kids-check out our branch under the events link-and some cool programs, too!  If you like animals, you have to get here to check out Paul McCormack, 'the reptile guy', later this month.  We have another storyteller coming in July, and a 'funtastic' puppet show in early August, courtesy of our Children's Department. 

Check out the Meijer Branch

The Meijer Branch is a happenin' place to be this summer! There are many events for patrons of all ages to enjoy. Just take a look at the library events calendar and you will see all of the fun activities to do.


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