July 22nd Picks - Delicious Whodunits!

Jackson District Library

Library Picks

Who was your Harry Potter

Yesterday (July 19th) the New York Times, on their blog posted the question, Who was your Harry Potter? They have 1031 responses so far. Check out our forum section and let us know what your favorites were.

On the left side of this page click Teens, then click scroll down to Interact in JDL Forums and click the Interact Logo. Click Books and Reading and finally Who was your Harry potter. Or just click this link

JDL on Flickr

The Jackson District Library has a Flickr website. Flickr is a picture sharing website. We have put some pictures of our buildings, (right now it is mainly the Carnegie Building, but we will be adding more in the future), and our programs.

To look at the pictures go to and in the search bar type jacksondistrictlibrary.

Check back often we will be adding pictures.

July's Rock the Shelves ROCKED!

Last Friday, July 13, three local area bands rocked the shelves at the Meijer Branch. All in attendance enjoyed free pizza & pop and some awesome rock music!

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