Spring Arbor's Reading Winnings for Month of August

Spring Arbor's Reading drawings for Month of August:

Beth Hall - Image Gallery Gift Card

Lisa Rosell - Jackson Crossing Gift Card

Linda Tschabrun - Starbuck Gift Card

Eleanor Johnson - Panera Gift Card

Andrea Comfort - Panera Gift Card

Lisa Tipping - Panera Gift Card

Lisa Shaw - Panera Gift Card

Jill Fletcher - Free Movie Coupon

Doreen Essex - Free Movie Coupon

Book Clubs and BookLetters

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DVD's - Upcoming & Current Releases

DVD's - Upcoming & Current Releases

September 17, 2007                                                         Jane M. DeBano

Library Picks for the Week of September 10th -- Football!!!!

Football is America’s most watched sport, and many Jackson County residents hold loyalties to a favorite team. If you’re one of them, come to the Jackson District Library this football season and learn all there is to know about your number one team. If you’re not sure where to start, why don’t you try the new book written by Jackson’s own hometown hero Tony Dungy?

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