Winter at Spring Arbor


The ladies of Spring Arbor welcome you to our branch this winter.  It may be chilly outside but we welcome you to our warm branch.  Mary, Diana, Diane, and Abbie hope to make you feel welcome.  We will try to make your visits during these cold, gray, winter days, warm, fun and your arms filled with great reading.  Come and visit us!!!!  

Holiday Book Displays

Many of the JDL branches- Springport included- have special displays of their holiday-themed materials (books, music, audio, video) for patrons to easily find something Christmassy to read, watch, or listen to. Many great authors have Christmas titles... my personal favorite is Skipping Christmas by John Grisham!

Favorite Dog Breeds

I thought this would be a fun BLOG topic.  I love Golden Retrievers - you can tell by my avatar!  My current dog is Jake, who is 3+ years old.  He is a light Golden color like this. 

My first Golden, Jessie, was Dark red.  Goldens have a wonderful, loving disposition and are great with kids.  My niece and nephew used her for a pillow when they were very young.  She tolerated them playing with her ears, lifting her lips to see her teeth and even take food from her

Have you read?

Tom Bailey

A book that I read recently and enjoyed.  Tom Bailey brings all of the characters alive and you want to read more of his works wh

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