Jane Austen Book Club Update

The March meeting of the Jane Austen Book Club was our biggest ever!  We discussed Northanger Abbey.

Learning to Use the Computer

When first learning to use the computer, it is important that you learn to use the mouse and the keyboard.  The more comfortable you are with these two tools the eaiser it will be for you accomplish what you want on the computer.  

When I teach the introductory computer class I use an Mouse Tutorial from the Palm Beach County library.  It is easy to use, gives you information on using the mouse and is fun too.

Book Review- Boom!: Voices of the Sixties and Beyond : Personal Reflections of the '60S and Today

Brokaw likens the book to a virtual class reunion, the class of 1968, He says he acts as a class president who gets the conversation started and lets the class members take off from there.

Science fiction, er Speculative fiction?

Anybody out there reading science fiction?  How about speculative fiction?  (In case you’re wondering, they’re the same thing.  Sort of.

Connections with New York City- Sort of.

I just returned from a vacation in New York City, the first time I had ever visited "the Big Apple." While we were there we attended 3 Broadway plays.

The first; Avenue Q, billed as Sesame Street for adults, or Sesame Street meets South Park, was hilarious, but definitely adult.

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