Americans idle, watch American Idol

American Idol season is here again, as popular as ever, and going for the seventh season winner. Already down to 8 contestants, the past has shown us that some of these people will be heard from again, as they go on to successful careers and recordings. The Jackson District Libraries have taken note of the American Idol phenomenon and collected a selection of music from the winners and the programs.

Austen Book Club Hosts English Tea

The JDL Jane Austen Book Club will host an English Tea, beginning at 6:00 pm on April 14th. The food will be prepared by two English couples and served in the McIntyre Room in the Carnegie Building.

Computers and slow downs

We had a comment/question a few days ago that I thought some others might also be curious about.

Someone asked why the computers’ browsers were disabled, when they tried to “download” things to the computer.

The answer is that the browsers are not disabled. But there is only so much traffic our servers and circuits can only handle so much activity at one time.

Great Mystery series for Golden Lovers

If you like mysteries, Grisham-type law thrillers or Golden Retrievers, you will love this series by David Rosenfelt.  His hero is Andy Carpenter, a lawyer bred and born in New Jersey, with that witty Jersey edge, who loves his Golden named Tara.  Andy doesn't take many cases, but the ones he does are life and death.  The books, in order, are: Open and Shut, First Degree, Sudden Death, Bury the Lead, Dead Center and Play Dead.  The stories provide a fascinating in

Jane Austen Book Club Update

The March meeting of the Jane Austen Book Club was our biggest ever!  We discussed Northanger Abbey.

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