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Book Reviews and Readers Challenges?

I recently became aware that there are a number of book review blogs out there in cyberspace, which does not surprise me.
For example:
Brooklyn Book Talk  
Running with Books
S.M.S. Book Reviews

eJDL (e-books and e-audio books)

Did you know that you currently have access to 1,714 downloadable audio books through the Jackson District Library Website?

Click on Library Resources from the Navigation menu on the left side of the home page

 This will take you to the eJDL page and click on the NetLibrary Logo


Great Audio Books for the whole family

We are going on a road trip next week-end and I like to take Audio books when we travel. As I was looking for some that the whole family might like, I was reminded of some that we listened to when my daughter was younger (between the ages of 4 and 11)., and thought you might like some of them too.

Readers challenge

A few weeks ago, I ran across a blog that set up a “challenge” I was too late to get on the challenge, but it sounded like fun so I thought we could try it here.

Participants pick 5 books that they would recommend to someone else, that you identified with or that tell something about you. You may but don’t have to tell us why you chose a book for your list. It can be any reading level. Then you pick 5 books from other people’s lists to read.

Cucumber Canoes, summer memories and books.

Something came up last week at a meeting, that nobody else had heard of, I must have had a strange childhood.

A friend said that she must have missed a cucumber when she was picking them from her garden the other day because you found a really really big, one.
I said when I was a kid; we used to take those, cut them in half lengthwise, and hollow them out and float them in the tub, as canoes, for toys.

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