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DVD's - Upcoming and Current Releases from June

DVD's - Upcoming & Current Releases

Jane’s Book Series Review – The Walter Longmire novels by Craig Johnson

I recently discovered the A&E show “Longmire” and it inspired me to go to the original books.  The first in the series is “The Cold Dish” and it finds our hero, Walt Longmire (25 years as Sheriff of Absaroka County Wyoming) clinically depressed and grieving from the death of his wife.  He’s not shaving, going to the office or working on his half-finished house.  No one can seem to get him out of his misery, not his enigmatic Indian friend Hen

Jane’s Book Review – Old Man’s War by John Scalzi

Imagine if mankind finally made it into interstellar space and found a few livable planets and lots of nasty aliens competing for them.   Then imagine a Colonial Defense Force that exists to protect those colonies (the Colonial Union) while keeping Earth itself a backwater.  The CDF commands most of humanity resources and the latest technologies and they only recruit people at the age of 75.  With the promise of new health and vigor, many retirement age seniors join u

Jane’s Movie Review – One for the Money

Janet Evanovich’s popular series about Stephanie Plum, Jersey girl bounty hunter, has millions of fans, including me.  So I was dismayed to hear they made a movie of the first book, “One for the Money,” starring Katherine Heigl.  I thought she was too pretty and blond to play the redoubtable Plum.  However, I watched the movie last night and was delighted.  Heigl’s hair is reddish-brown and curly, her accent is Jersey and her chemistry with Jason Mar

Jane’s Book Series Review – The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne

I just spent last weekend in the charming and thrilling company of the last Druid.  Don’t believe in Druids?  Well neither do I, but what is fiction for, except to exercise the suspension of our belief?

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