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Jane’s Book Review – An Apple for the Creature

Rejoice, fans of the supernatural!  Charlaine Harris and Toni Kelner have edited a new anthology of stories about vamps, werewolves, ghosts and the like – this time with an educational slant.  A new Sookie Stackhouse story has her getting into trouble just because she took cupcakes for her nephew to his school in Playing Possum.   Ilona  Andrews has a story called Magic Tests in which teenage Julie is asked by her guardian to infiltrate a boardi

Jane’s Book Review – For Darkness Shows the Stars

There is a genre called fan-fiction that continue the stories started in other books.  In the world of Jane Austen fan-fic, there are thousands, and, although I haven’t read them all, I’ve certainly read more than my share.  The most unusual of these books is For Darkness Shows the Stars, a fanfic “mashup” of JA’s Persuasion and dystopian science fiction

JA Book Club September Meeting

The Jane Austen Book club is reading Margaret Maron this year. She's a North Carolina native whose first novel, "Bootlegger's Daughter" won every major mystery award for best first novel. That book was the first to feature Deborah Knott, whose colorful Daddy was a bootlegger. Deborah is an attorney who decides to take a stand against "mean-minded judicial pettiness" and take on the Old Boy's Club by running for a retiring judge's seat.  The book for August was "Death's Half-Acre" and centered on development and yuppie expansion out in the farm lands of Colleton County.

Jane’s Book Series Review – the Cork O’Connor novels by William Kent Krueger

Lately it seems I’ve been reading a lot of mystery series featuring flawed but decent men in rugged surroundings.  The latest is William Kent Krueger’s mystery novels starring Corcoran (Cork) O’Connor in northern Minnesota.  When we first meet Cork, he’s the former sheriff of Tamarack County, having lost his badge as a result of a confrontation over fishing rights by the local fishermen and the indigenous Ojibwe people.  He’s also lost his marriage to Jo, a beautiful attorney who advocates for the Indians on the rez.  Cork is ¼ O

DVD's - Upcoming and Current Releases for July

DVD's - Upcoming & Current Releases

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