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Book Review - Fuzzy Nation

fuzzy nationScalzi has borrowed a universe from another writer, H.

Book Review - Murder by Mocha

jacket coverMurder by Mocha is the 10th in the Coffeehouse Mystery series by Cleo Coyle.  It’s set in the Village Blend, a landmark Greenwich Village coffee house.  Clare Cosi manages the Blend, roasting and blending the various beans that go into their signature brews.

Book Review - The Lock Artist

One of my favorite authors is Steve Hamilton, who has departed from the familiar environs of Paradise, Michigan (the Alex McKnight series), to tackle the tough, unflinching story of a young boy who becomes a genius at opening locks.

DVD's - Upcoming and Current Releases - July, 2011

August 12/2011                                                                                                 &

Review - Band of Brothers

I noticed in our schedule, today  and next month, we’ll be continuing Larry Martin’s series “”WWII – In Their Own Words,” a series so popular, we had to move it to the church across the street.  Then our copy of this HBO award winning series came across my desk to be checked in.  So, I thought of letting you know about a wonderful mini-series about the men of Easy Company, 101stAirborne Division.   It’s based on the memoirs of one of the men from Easy Company and interviews with the survivors.

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