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Great Young Adult Reads for Summer!

Looking for great summer reads?  Try any or all of these: 

Garden Gleanings

Now that we are getting into the grit of the new planting season, we want to dish up the dirt on our best new landscape and gardening books.

Cloverfield--the nonsensical

Cloverfield has been released on DVD, and it is no longer a new release for the library, if you are curious after you read what I have to say.  The reviews had commented on humorous moments in the movie—there were two, just two.  I checked with my fellow viewers, and they counted two, the same two.

May means megamovies!

This month will see the release of several long-awaited movies, not least of which is the fourth Indiana Jones film: Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, coming 20, yes, 20 years after the last one.  I hate to say it, I really like these movies and I think alot of Harrison Ford's acting, but when I see the pics of him for this, he reminds me of my dad.  Probably not what they wanted for the star's image.

Skulduggery Pleasant fills in the bare bones of a skeletal plot!

Looking for some tongue-in-cheek adventurous humor to share with the family?

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