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Alternatively...feed yourself!

Many of us are looking for new ways to budget, and one area people can look at is food.  Right outside are plentiful sources of nutritious and tasty foods just waiting to be gathered or sown.

Book review: The story of Edgar Sawtelle

Heralded on Amazon as the best of June, creeping up the NYTimes bestseller list to number 6, this story of a boy and his dog by David Wroblewski was not what I expected.  After reading the author's comments about wanting something with "the uncynical Midwestern sense of heart," I am even more at sea.   

Up-to-the-minute Travel

On your way!

Summer travel?  Maybe you can only dream about it this year, but maybe you're still going…and these books might help!

The Black Swan: Movie Review

       Prepare to step back in time. Back to the days when a privateer could sail the ocean blue without ever leaving the Hollywood studios. Back to the days when people enjoyed watching actors pretend the rapier went straight to their gut, when really they are hiding it under their arm. Back to the days when a pillager could become as upright and desirable as the town mayor. Ah, yes, those were the days. He grabs and kisses her, she bites him, he knocks her flat, but by the end of the movie she will defend him in the face of any danger or indignity.

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