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Ask the Ancestors

    If you have an interest in genealogy, the library is one of your first stops.  Visit the Genealogy page on the website. There are two online databases available free through the library: Heritage Quest and Ancestry.  Ancestry is only available at the library, but Heritage Quest is accessible from any computer anywhere with your library card and pin number. (If you don't know your pin number, go to the checkout desk.)

Decked Out in Art Decko

     As the weather warms, lots of people head outside. And with finances limiting what we can do and where we go, the backyard looks better and better. Or does it?  If your house could use some help before you start entertaining al fresco, try some of these outstanding books available from the Jackson District Library.

Divorce with Children

     The library has children’s materials to help divorcing parents deal with their children’s questions and fears.  There are two types of these materials:  first, books written for the parents, to give advice and comforting tips to the stressed parents.  Second, there are books written for children, to teach these young ones about divorce and to reassure them concerning the changes happening in their environment. This column lists those written for parents.


     The last column covered marital advice; this one follows up with advice for those divorcing. We don’t mean to say that marriages always end in divorce: merely that divorces happen and the library has materials on the subject. We also offer children’s materials to help divorcing parents answer their children’s questions and fears.  That will be the subject of a future column.

Marriage Matters in Jackson

Spring is in the air, and that means romance to many of us.  Anniversaries and vacations, moonlit strolls and blooming roses…If you find you’re not quite in the mood, maybe some of these great marriage guides can help.

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