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Knees & Toes: A surgical review

   Actually, this is about knees and feet, not just toes. Each year many people undergo surgery or incur an injury to their knee or foot--the knee is the most commonly injured joint in the body.  Most people don't realize what a lifestyle change such an injury can be.  Recently a colleague, whom I will call Jeanne for this article, took a bad fall which required knee surgery.  She quickly discovered that her two-story home with steps up to the entrances was less than ideal, especially in Michigan winter.

Chocolate, with some summer party ideas

    As the season of ice cream and cold desserts arrives, let's look at the attractions of chocolate.

When the earth moves--and the water responds

       Since all of earth's residents seem to be getting some shaking lately, even Michiganians, an article listing some informative materials and recommendations seems appropriate. For general information on earthquakes in the United States, visit the US. Geological Survey website at earthquake.usgs.gov. If you want to see what preparations can be made, visit earthquake.usgs.gov/prepare.

The Big Read: after you read A wizard of Earthsea, what next?

    One of the great things about this year's Big Read selection, A wizard of Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin, is that there are three more books, equally enthralling, in the Earthsea series, plus Le Guin has written dozens of other wonderful books. If you have read this book with your children, there are numerous other authors in the children's section that both children and adults will enjoy.

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