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Iron Lady brings a record crowd! Next--War Horse!

The Feature Film group at Carnegie had a record crowd last Thursday with 20 people coming to watch Meryl Streep play former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher!  Hope you'll all come back and bring your friends next month to see War Horse on June 7th at 6 pm in the auditorium.

Carnegie Film Showing: IRON LADY

The next film group showing will be at 6 pm on Thursday, May 3rd, in the Carnegie Auditorium.  We will be watching Oscar winner Iron Lady, starring Meryl Streep (PG13).  Refreshments will be served.  Join us!!!!

Tessa's Christian book review: The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn

    Normally I skim books on prophecy and the "end of the world." Well, the nonfiction ones, anyway.  I am pretty well-versed on these issues, and most nonfiction books are basic introductory knowledge and repetitive.  This one isn't.  Written as fiction, it is quite effective in the literary tool chosen.  It immediately reminded me of Tolkien's The Hobbit, in which Gandalf needs to take all the dwarves and Bilbo to Beorn's house for help, but he knows that Beorn won't want them.  So Gandalf cleverly goes ahead with just Bilbo, telling the ot

Tessa's classic book review: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged      With the recent filming of a movie version of Atlas Shrugged, there has been a lot of attention paid to Ayn Rand and her works.  Atlas Shrugged and  The Fountainhead vie for the title of masterpiece of Rand's writing.  As a young English major I devoured all her works, finding the philosophy behind them intriguing and attractive, although diametrically opposite to the f

Tessa's book review: Pure Michigan: Eating fresh and local in the Great Lakes State

    Eye treats abound in this scrumptious little book. Pure Michigan: Eating fresh and local in the Great Lakes State is a book to guide you as you plan your next vacation. Or the perfect gift for the relative you keep asking to visit.

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