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Tessa's book comment: Dead scared by S.J. Bolton

I'm calling this a book comment because I have reviewed S.J. Bolton before, for the book about snakes called Awakening.  So this is just a quick note to say I really liked this new book,Jacket cover Dead Scared.

Tessa's audiobook review: A confusion of princes by Garth Nix

   Jacket cover Garth Nix is the author of one of my favorite fantasy series, the Abhorsen set.

Tessa's book review: Daughter of the forest by Juliet Marillier

    Daughter of the Forest was an outstanding read--Jacket coverone that kept me turning the next page in anticipation. Although it is a retelling of The Wild Swans by Hans Christian Andersen, this book was as fresh and unexpected as a totally new story.  The atmosphere is enchanting and the book is lyrical, taking flight in so many ways.

Tessa's book review: Keeping the castle by Patrice Kindl

    Jacket coverJane Austen fans, take note.  The book Keeping the castle is a fun, fresh take on a familiar Jane Austen setting. Everyone will enjoy lovely 17-year-old Althea's quick wit and quicker quips. Impoverished nobility, Althea's mother, Althea, and her little brother, the heir, cope in their crumbling faux castle with amazing creativity.

Carnegie Film: Game of Shadows!

Join the Carnegie Feature Film group for the newest Sherlock Holmes' movie: Game of shadows Rated PG-13, this movie dazzles with special effects uniquely colored and styled for the Victorian era setting.  The story advances Holmes and Watson's friendship and throws in lots of great humor and slapstick.  Come enjoy the movie and the munchies!  6 pm, next Thursday, July 5th, in the auditorium...see you there!

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