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Tessa's favorite book review: The Rook by Daniel O'Malley

    Australian native Daniel O'Malley has written a book that slithered right up onto my favorites list--and that list isn't terribly long.

Carnegie Feature Film: The best exotic marigold hotel

Movie posterOctober's movie is The best exotic marigold hotel (rated PG13). It will be shown in the Carnegie McIntyre Room 

Tessa's advance book review: Katya's world by Jonathan L. Howard

  Jacket cover  Howard's book Katya's world drops us right into the action and takes us out on Katya's first voyage as a licensed sub navigator on the water planet Russalka. Katya is 15, nearly 16, and a prodigy. Her Uncle Lukyan, the sub owner, is very proud of her. As they are heading out, a Federal agent forces them to take him and a prisoner on board.

MiniMysteryCon cancelled

Due to lack of interest, the MiniMysteryCon has been cancelled.  Contact Tessa in Reference if you would be interested in the next one. Thanks!

Don't forget to register for MiniMysteryCon!

Don't forget to register for Thursday's MiniMysteryCon by Wednesday evening!  Space is limited in the McIntyre Room.  7-8 pm on Sept. 27th.  Refreshments.

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