Meijer Branch

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Meijer Branch - 2699 Airport Rd., Jackson MI 49202 - Phone: (517) 788-4480

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Meijer Branch is located on Airport Rd just off of I-94.

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Branch Hours

Monday thru Thursday 9 - 8

Friday 9 - 6

Saturday 9 - 5

Sunday 1 - 5


Size: 7,718 Square Foot

Opened: Orginally opened in 1928, moved to it's new location in 1983.

Building Built: 1983

Branch History

The Meijer branch evolved out of the library headquarters for Jackson County Library established in 1928 and became the West Avenue branch with formation of the District Library.

After consolidation, this active branch needed a better location. Fred Meijer, of the Meijer Thrifty Acres, Inc., donated the land to the Jackson District Library.

The new building doubled the size of the library and provided better access and parking. The Meijer Branch opened in 1983 and service has expanded along with the surrounding area.