Concord Branch

Concord is now located in the old Opera House kitty corner from old building.



Concord Branch - 108 S. Main P.O Box 458, Concord, MI 49237 - Phone: (517) 905-1379

Concord Branch

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Concord Branch is located on Main Street in Concord.

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Branch Hours

Mon 1 - 6

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday 10 - 7

Thursday Closed

Friday 1 - 6

Saturday 10 - 2


Size: 5,800 Square Foot

Opened: 2007

Building Built: 1893

Branch History

The Concord branch was established in 1903 when two Concord residents organized a literary group called the Tuesday Club. Forty members enrolled, each paying $1.00 and presenting a book to the library.

By 1928 the library housed 2500 books in a small room at the back of the building. The village then donated the waiting room area of the municipal building where the branch remained until June 2007.