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JACKSON DISTRICT LIBRARY MATERIALS SELECTION AND EVALUATION POLICY F. Materials Selection and Evaluation (02/28/02) 1 INTRODUCTION The mission of the Jackson District Library is to provide Jackson County residents with high quality library service to meet the needs for educational, cultural and recreational information, to promote literacy and to foster a love of reading. Taking into account financial limitations and space constraints, efforts are made to strive for a balanced collection. This is done by assessment of the specific interests and needs of patrons in all individual communities and by the collection of materials in various formats. In accordance with this mission the following selection and evaluation policy has been adopted by the Jackson District Library Board of Trustees. JACKSON DISTRICT LIBRARY MATERIALS SELECTION AND EVALUATION POLICY F. Materials Selection and Evaluation (02/28/02) 2 PRINCIPLES OF EVALUATION AND SELECTION The Jackson District Library subscribes to the materials selection principles contained in the Library Bill of Rights, the Freedom to Read Statement and the Freedom to View Statement endorsed by the American Library Association (see Appendices a-c). The primary objective of collection development shall be to acquire materials of contemporary significance and of permanent value, taking into account the community, the purpose of the library, the users, the present collection and the available resources. The Jackson District Library, therefore, selects materials that will provide a balanced collection so that a wide variety of subjects, viewpoints, reading levels and formats are maintained. The Director, with the aid of the library staff, shall be free to use her or his judgment in the selection, retention and withdrawal of materials within the provisions of this policy. Materials are selected based on the following criteria: • Reputation and/or authority of the author, editor, illustrator or publisher • Accuracy and effectiveness of presentation of subject matter • Quality of format, size, paper, print and binding • Current interest or demand for subject • Price • Availability of materials on a given subject • Relative value of the material in relation to the collection as a whole • Content • Representation of various interests and viewpoints • Timeliness or permanence of materials • Appearance of materials in special bibliographies or indexes • Availability of materials elsewhere in county/area • Adaptability to varied reading and interest levels • Works of local authors, illustrators or materials of local history • Technological compatibility of electronic resources All materials added to the collection shall be judged on the content as a whole, not detached excerpt. Personal behavior of the creator of any material shall have no bearing on the selection of the material. JACKSON DISTRICT LIBRARY MATERIALS SELECTION AND EVALUATION POLICY F. Materials Selection and Evaluation (02/28/02) 3 SELECTION TOOLS Standard selection aids such as Library Journal, Booklist, Publishers Weekly, New York Times Book Review, Kirkus Reviews, School Library Journal, Public Library Catalog, Fiction Catalog, etc. are used by the staff in the selection of materials. Additionally, reviews that have been obtained from general interest publications or from online sources may be used. Special interest periodicals such as Stereo Review, Video Librarian, Children’s Software Review, etc. may be used for reviews of materials in their appropriate fields. Publishers’ catalogs, bibliographies prepared by subject authorities, and professional organizations’ book recommendations (such as those by the American Medical Association, etc.) may also be utilized. JACKSON DISTRICT LIBRARY MATERIALS SELECTION AND EVALUATION POLICY F. Materials Selection and Evaluation (02/28/02) 4 GIFTS AND DONATIONS Donations of books and other library material or donations of money for the purchase of library materials are welcomed. The library accepts gift material with the explicit understanding that those materials which are useful to the library collection will be retained. Other items will be disposed of in whatever manner the library deems best. The library reserves the right to accept or refuse conditions placed upon gifts of materials or funds. Conditions may not be imposed relating to any gift after its acceptance by the library. The library retains unconditional ownership of all gifts and donations and reserves the right of final decision on their use, display, housing, withdrawal or other disposition. The library does not make monetary assessments of donated materials but will provide an acknowledgement indicating the number of items received if requested to do so. JACKSON DISTRICT LIBRARY MATERIALS SELECTION AND EVALUATION POLICY F. Materials Selection and Evaluation (02/28/02) 5 COLLECTION MAINTENANCE The reasons for removal of materials from the collection are lack of space, poor physical condition and outdated information. The primary goal of all weeding is to keep the collection current, attractive and usable. Replacement of items depends upon the demand for that particular title, the availability of more current materials on the subject and the extent of the coverage of the subject in the collection. Materials serving the goals of the library, meeting criteria for selection or relating to an existing need or interest shall not be removed from the collection because of pressure by a group or individual. JACKSON DISTRICT LIBRARY MATERIALS SELECTION AND EVALUATION POLICY F. Materials Selection and Evaluation (02/28/02) 6 SELECTION OF MATERIALS Reference Collection: Materials in the reference collection are designated for use within the library, because patrons and staff use them on a daily basis. These materials cover a wide range of subjects to meet the information needs of library users. Selection criteria for items in this collection include: patron demand, published reviews, authority, scope, accuracy, ease of use, treatment of material, relation to similar works in the collection, format and price. The reference collection is kept current through additions, weeding and continuations. Deselected reference materials may be discarded, recataloged for circulation or added to a branch collection. To a limited extent, items not falling within the reference format, but in high demand by library patrons, may be included in the reference collection. For example, civil service examination texts, resumes, business plans, etc. will be selected to insure availability in the library. Special Collections: Special collections of materials may be created to meet the educational, cultural and recreational information needs of the community. Current collections include the Minter Van Orman Reference Collection, the Under the Oaks Collection, the Professional Collection, and the Jackson Women’s History Council Collection. Government Documents Collections: The Government Document Department of the Jackson District Library, located in the U.S. Congressional District 7, was designated a Federal depository in June, 1965. The primary mission of the document collection is to support the general collection activities of the Jackson District Library, which serves the residents of Jackson County, Michigan. In accordance with the requirements defined in the Instructions to Depository Libraries, Guidelines for the Depository Library System and the Federal Depository Library Manual, this department also strives to serve the government information needs of the constituents of the U.S. Congressional District. The department will collect government documents to support the demand in the community for materials dealing with laws, regulations, regional statistics, occupational information, geographical information and business statistics. JACKSON DISTRICT LIBRARY MATERIALS SELECTION AND EVALUATION POLICY F. Materials Selection and Evaluation (02/28/02) 7 Circulation The depository collection is open to all members of the public during all hours the library is open. Reference services for government documents are provided at the reference desk on the main floor of the Carnegie Branch of the Jackson District Library. All of the documents are cataloged and can be found using the online catalog. Any document not designated reference or non-circulating may be circulated according to the library’s circulation policy. Selection Responsibility The Government Documents Librarian along with the Reference Department staff makes selection of government documents and supporting materials. Documents selected to meet user needs include the Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, US Code, slip laws, Census Bureau and Commerce Department materials, maps and country studies, etc. Documents from the “Basic Collection” listed in the Federal Depository Library Manual will be selected plus items specifically concerning Michigan. The selection of item format may depend on accessibility, ease of use, preservation and the equipment available. Reference staff also identifies for purchase commercially published sources to support the collection. Collection Arrangement Most depository items will be shelved using the Superintendent of Documents Classification System. Certain titles may be shelved in the periodical collection. Those with high interest may be cataloged by the Dewey Decimal System and shelved with the rest of the library’s collection. Collection Maintenance The collection will be maintained in accordance with the guidelines of Instructions to Depository Libraries. An accurate shelf list of all depository publications will be maintained to the piece level. All documents will be clearly marked with the depository property stamp, shipping list date and the SUDOC number. A deposit account will be maintained with the Government Printing Office to supplement the depository collection or to replace damaged materials. Item selection will be reviewed annually. Weeding The depository collection is not intended to be an exhaustive historical archive of government documents. The main body of the collection is kept for five years except for some agricultural series, statistical sources, census materials, congressional records and historical compilations. Any document that has been in the collection over five years and is not JACKSON DISTRICT LIBRARY MATERIALS SELECTION AND EVALUATION POLICY F. Materials Selection and Evaluation (02/28/02) 8 Government Documents, Weeding con’t. needed to support the library collection is a candidate for weeding. Items that have been superseded will be removed from the collection unless determined to have continuing value. Documents will be weeded following the procedures outlined in Instructions to Depository Libraries. Those titles no longer needed will be offered to other libraries and/or discarded with the permission of the regional depository. Worn documents will be evaluated for replacement or withdrawal. Formats The government document collection is available in a variety of formats. Documents not in paper format can be accessed other ways. Many U.S. Documents are now available online and may be located through GPO Access The Library has public access computers, reader-printers for microform, and microfiche readers to accommodate the various formats. Links to certain documents may be provided on the library web pages. Resource Sharing Jackson District Library has a formal cooperative housing agreement with Foote Hospital Library and Jackson Community College Learning Resource Center. There is an informal agreement with Albion College and the Regional Depository at the Library of Michigan. Jackson District Library both loans and borrows depository materials through interlibrary loan. If a document is not available at the Jackson District Library, the reference staff will make every effort to locate the document at another library. The regional depository library at the Library of Michigan is the main source for these documents. Michigan and Local Documents Jackson District Library has been a Michigan Document depository since 1982. The library receives the documents provided by the Library of Michigan. The Michigan documents are filed by the Library of Congress cataloging system and may be located through ANSWER, Library of Michigan Online Catalog Selected documents of high interest are cataloged by the Dewey Decimal system and shelved accordingly. Michigan documents are kept a minimum of five years. Jackson District Library also maintains a small local documents collection of Jackson City and Jackson County records. JACKSON DISTRICT LIBRARY MATERIALS SELECTION AND EVALUATION POLICY F. Materials Selection and Evaluation (02/28/02) 9 Youth Services Collection: The objectives of selection in Youth Services are to enable children and teens to satisfy their desire for information and to develop the enjoyment that comes from recreational reading. Print and non-print materials are selected to satisfy and stimulate youth from infancy through adolescence. Both fiction and nonfiction books and materials are considered for the collection on the basis of accuracy, literary quality and artistic merit. Other criteria may include quality of content, suitability of subject matter, appropriateness of vocabulary, the contribution of the item to the total collection and quality of format. Materials may also be selected on the basis of awards, such as the Newbery and Caldecott medals. Items on the youth level are selected and maintained in the collection to interest the general reader. It is not the responsibility of the library to purchase material expressly to support school curriculum. However, many of the items selected do serve as supplementary materials for school assignments. Textbooks are not purchased except as they support the library’s mission and supply the general public information unavailable in other formats. It is the library’s responsibility to provide materials that reflect the broad spectrum of points of view held by the community, regardless of the individual perspectives of the library staff and other members of the community. The result of this process is that parents, children and teens are able to locate materials appropriate to their needs. It is the responsibility and right of parents or legal guardians to guide their children or teens in selection of materials that they deem appropriate from the library collection. Because the library does not restrict or censor access to its diverse collection, parents or legal guardians are encouraged to be involved with the selections that their children or teens make. JACKSON DISTRICT LIBRARY MATERIALS SELECTION AND EVALUATION POLICY F. Materials Selection and Evaluation (02/28/02) 10 REQUEST FOR RECONSIDERATION Citizens can request that the library reevaluate any item in the collection. No item is to be removed or restricted because of a complaint, except in accordance with established library procedure. Individuals wishing reconsideration of any materials must complete the Request for Review of Library Materials form (see appendix d). This form is then forwarded to the Director. The Director chooses staff members to read, evaluate and study published reviews of the material being reconsidered. Neither selection nor removal of materials will be determined by pressure from a group or individual. Materials meeting the criteria of the selection policy will not be removed. The final decision on the material is made by the Director. The decision may result in the item maintaining the same status, being changed in location or removed from the collection. The individual submitting the form will be notified of the Director’s decision. JACKSON DISTRICT LIBRARY MATERIALS SELECTION AND EVALUATION POLICY F. Materials Selection and Evaluation (02/28/02) 11 Appendices a. Freedom to Read Statements b. Freedom to View Statements c. Library Bill of Rights and Interpretations 1. Access for Children and Young People to view videotapes and other non-print formats 2. Challenged materials 3. Free Access to Libraries for Minors 4. Statement on Labeling 5. Restricted Access to Library Materials 6. Access to Electronic Information, Services and Networks 7. Access to Information Regardless of Gender or Sexual Orientation 8. Diversity in Collection Development 9. Evaluating Library Collections 10. Universal Right to Free Expression 11. Expurgation of Library Materials d. Request for Review of Library Materials Form